Waikiki The Label is a high-end boutique swim and athleisure brand, designed to empower women all over the world. Committed to creating collections to make women feel sophisticated and iconic in their lifestyle.


As a brand we are devoted to the modern woman and her needs, by offering contemporary designs with high-quality product. Our mission is to provide women with the best products possible, that will not only help them look good but feel good while wearing them. We wish to empower women all over the world through our designs. We believe in designing for everyone, no matter your shape, size, or sense of style.


Established in 2018 to change the swimwear status quo and to elevate the woman’s swim and athleisure experience by creating a line that is chic, sophisticated, and form-fitting. It provides sanctuary from the fashion world and allows women to have fun with confidence in their own skin.


We wish to create high quality products, with a timeless sense of fashion. A design that you can enjoy for many more years to come, a statement piece that will never bore you. We try to create durability, by being sustainable and using recycled fabrics, but also creating a look for you that will never go out of style or your closet.



“Our passion is about what makes you feel amazing, it’s important to understand what you need to become a better version of yourself, if we can play a small role in this, we have accomplished our mission of making you feel like the goddess you are.