Sustainability is a huge concept for many people at the moment, it is a movement and has become a necessity for our society. Waikiki believes that sustainability is the only way to go, no matter the type of business you own, if you are just starting or even if you are already a business owner, sustainability must become a priority. Starting Waikiki this was definitely one of the starting points for us. After researching all of our options Waikiki was born as a luxury but yet sustainable swimwear brand. Looking to inspire others and create a community of its own. We want to start a movement of inspired human beings, creating awareness for our planet, for self-love and for their surroundings. We are not only selling a product, we are visionaries, trying to make the world a better place. Trying to inspire men and women to embrace all of their (im)perfections, to no longer feel like they need to hide their bodies because it doesn’t match society’s image of being perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist, perfection is reaching a stage in life of self confidence and self love and sharing this with the world.


We live for sustainability and love, we have made sure that our factory shares this vision. We wanted a factory that also takes this seriously. Our lovely bikinis are manufactured in Bali, Indonesia, with the highest quality fabrics from Italy. Our factory believes in transparency, exceeding minimum labor standards and adding value to the community & environment. We clean up our oceans and they clean up our oceans. Each bikini our customers buy, we donate €1 to the ocean clean up project.This contribution comes entirely from our own profits.